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1 A. Nagoor Kani
Advanced Control Theory -Second Edition 250
Circuit Analysis (BE First Year ECE) -First Edition 360
Circuit Theory (BE First Year EEE,EIE,ICE) -First Edition 250
Control Systems -Second Edition  300
Control Systems Engineering-First Edition 405
Digital Signal Processing -Second Edition TMH
Electrical Machine Design -Second Edition 215
Electric Circuit Analysis (BE First Year EEE, EIE, ICE) -First Edition 250
Microprocessor (8085) and Its Applications -Second Edition TMH
Microprocessor 8086 Programming & Interfacing -First Edition TMH
Microprocessors& Microcontrollers -First Edition TMH
Power Systems Analysis -First Edition 199
2 P. Sudharsan
Computer Programming in C -Second Edition 300
Fundamentals of Computing -Second Edition 250
3 P. Sudharsan & J. John Manoj Kumar
C & Data Structures -Third Edition 350
C++ & Data Structures - First Edition 315
 Data Structures & Algorithms -First Edition 315
Data Structures using C - Third Edition 295
4 Dr. T.M. Farhathullah
Communication Skills for Undergraduates -First Edition 52
Conquest of Communication - Volume I -First Edition 70
Conquest of Communication - Volume II -First Edition 70
English for Technical Students -Volume I 100
English for Technical Students -Volume II 120
Dr. S. Kalainathan & A.Ruban Kumar
Modern Physics-Forst Edition 200
6 V.Pugazhendhi
Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation -Second Edition 275
Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation-Second Edition 275
7 A. Sirinivasula Reddy
Principles of Electromagnetic Theory -First Edition 250
11 Sakthivel Murugan
Communication Engineering -First Edition 295
Analog & Digital Communication -Second Edition 295

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